Latin Wedding Symbols: Meanings

Latin America has a wealth to offer in terms of distinctive bridal mark meaning. Including these traditions in your service is give your guests a taste of their traditions and give you the opportunity to bring some integrity to your time. Here are some traditional wedding characters from Latin American culture to think about including in your big moment, from presenting a promise lamp to the elegant arras panamanian women ceremony.

The burqa meeting, also known as a Lazo, is one of the most well-known Spanish bride customs. During it, the man or his mom drapes the bride’s white veil over her head to represent her virginity and devotion to him. A rosary or silk cord known as an este molecules, which is placed around the handful in a unity ceremony to bring them together as one, is also frequently worn by the groom.

Similar to the arras proper process, the groom promises to help his bride throughout their marriage by giving her 13 coins that are decorated with various models, including spiritual icons, family crests, and their last brands. The coins are then put in a tiny tray or adore torso that will be used both during and after the feast.

The trench meeting, where the wife receives 13 metal pennies from her hubby as a indication of his commitment to help her throughout their marriage, is another cherished tradition. Last but not least, it’s customary for guests toss rice or birds seeds over the newlyweds as they leave the church or civil service site, which represents reproduction and fortune, rather than confetti or rose petals.

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